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Running a green open homes event

Our aim is to encourage the spread of Green Open Homes events as they are such an engaging and effective way to inspire people to make their homes greener and more energy efficient.

Here's a document we wrote explaining why people opening up their homes and talking to others about the low-carbon improvements they've made is an excellent way to inspire others to 'go green': Why green open homes events work

But putting on a Green Open Homes event is a significant undertaking, so to encourage potential organisers and support existing ones, we’ve produced a range of resources to help - covering everything from finding householders to join in to insurance, and marketing to finance.

Expand the sections below to find more information and free downloads – or navigate using the menu on the left.

And why not check out short (5min) film CSE made in 2013 called 'Running an open homes event':

If you want to speak to someone about setting up a Green Open Homes event, email us at communities@cse.org.uk or give us a call on 0117 934 1400 (ask to speak to someone about Green Open Homes).

Getting started

Ask anyone who’s run a Green Open Homes event and they’ll tell you that success depends on having a strong foundation of careful planning, and a methodical approach.  Find out more.

Funding and finance

Events need money behind them! How will you raise the funds you need? Our resources run through all the options and provide some advice. Find out more.

Legals and insurance

If you’re planning an open homes event, we recommend that your group adopts a legally recognised form, and that you have the necessary insurance in place. Neither of these are costly or time-consuming undertakings.  Find out more.

Hosts and volunteers

A successful event requires enthusiastic and friendly hosts and volunteers. We look at how to recruit and make the best of them.  Find out more.

Marketing and publicity

Getting people through the doors is critical. Here are tips on making a plan, plus downloadable templates.  Find out more.

Increasing your impact

Don't just run a good green open homes event – run a great one.  Find out more.

Monitoring and evaluation

How to find out and record the impact of your event. Questionnaires, data, etc. Find out more.

Event listings by region

Find out if an event has already happened near you, and get inspired by seeing what other groups have done. Find out more.

More help and support

We're here to support existing green open homes initiatives and help new ones get off the ground.  Find out more.

Using this site

Do you want to upload details of your event and the open homes that are part of it? This page tells you how.  Find out more.

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